John Thomas Financial deals with monetary issues and is a New York based company. Its head office is situated at the well-known 14, Wall Street. This firm is still new compared to many top most companies in the United States. However, in just 5 years, since its beginning it has succeeded in becoming famous because of its excellent service and results. It has now acquired a place among the country’s top most companies.
JTF is the brilliant concept of Thomas Belesis, who had worked in the financial firm before becoming an entrepreneur and launched his own company. He named the firm after his grandfathers. He worked hard, personally to raise the company’s standard. He made use of his excellent management and leadership dexterity that he had earned through experience from his outstanding service, where he worked before he started JTF.
John Thomas Financial along with its associates cater a broad range of financial services to their customers and help them to make investments in a way that brings the customer high profits. They use a forecasting tool, which is known, as MMT or Modern Monetary Theory. This tool is very potent and is used by economist to predict the prospective trends in the market.
MMT is also very supportive to the customers of JTF and its associates because it helps to make the decision process short, but efficient with good results. Through this, the customers of JTF are always kept updated day by day. In this way the customers are kept informed about the latest happenings in the economic world and can take actions regarding their financial investment. Thus, the customers get an extensive range of investing opportunities that would have been unachievable.
JTF has been triumphant in this competitive market and the actual credit goes to the founder and CEO Tommy Belesis. Along with his colleagues Mike Kaufman and Mike Norman, they have been competent enough to present efficient services to their customers from time to time.
Apart from providing financial support JTF has also supported and sponsored World Energy Forum. It has offered fiscal support to refurbish the energy resources present inside the country as well as outside. Tommy Belesis believes in giving back something to the society, where they work. This concept has built a grand image before their customers and also attracted investors from all around the globe, who are all ready to buy their services.





Tax debt is basically the taxes that need to be paid or is due to be paid to the IRS and can be either Federal, local or state taxes. These outstanding taxes need to be cleared and you need to also pay off additional interest that has accumulated over the year or years.

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